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Before and After Photos

We are proud of the exceptional care Dr. Bissell and his team provide our patients. We strongly believe in preventive care and work hard with our patients to save teeth and restore smiles to health. We know that a beautiful smile first begins with complete oral health!

Click on a thumbnail below to view our before and after gallery of some of our actual patients smile transformations!

Case 1: Dental Implant Placement

This 52 year old business professional came to our office with a loose front tooth. He was concerned about both the poor appearance and the mobility. We performed extraction of the tooth with bone and soft tissue grafting to restore his upper jaw bone and gum tissue. We then placed a dental implant which was expertly restored.

Case 2: Soft Tissue Graft

This patient came to our office with an esthetic concern. Her exposed root was visible when she smiled; she also experienced sensitivity to cold and sweet. We performed a soft tissue graft with minimal discomfort; healing time was less than one week, the esthetic result was excellent and the sensitivity is gone.

Case 3: Soft Tissue Graft

This patient hated to smile because she was "long in the tooth". We were able to provide a soft tissue graft to restore her smile.

Case 4: Soft Tissue Graft

This 48 year old woman was suffering severe root sensitivity and could not tolerate cold foods or drinks. We performed a soft tissue graft to cover the exposed roots and eliminated the sensitivity.

Case 5: Soft Tissue Graft

This 35 year old woman was losing both the gum and bone about her lower lateral incisor tooth. She disliked the appearance and was suffering root sensitivity. We corrected the defect with a soft tissue graft.

Case Study 6: Soft Tissue Graft

This 57 year old male was losing both gum and bone about his lower bicuspid tooth. We performed a soft tissue graft and saved his tooth.

Case Study 7: Dental Implant Placement

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