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Bad Breath Treatments in Chester, NJ

Bad breath is an embarrassing symptom

If you have it, you are usually the last to find out. Bad breath can be the result of food, hygiene, or infection. If you are looking for bad breath treatments, your first step should be a visit to a periodontist in Chester, NJ. Dr. Thomas A. Bissell can determine the cause of your condition and recommend the proper bad breath treatments to clear up your halitosis.

The Major Causes and Corresponding Bad Breath Treatments

Oral neglect can lead to bad breath. Food and bacteria can become trapped in the plaque on your teeth as well as the grooves of your tongue. Improved oral hygiene can be one of the simplest bad breath treatments.
Food is a common cause of temporary bad breath, resulting from garlic, onions, or spicy food. Bad breath treatments in this case can include tooth brushing, mouthwash, gum, or mints, as these products may help to cover the odor until the food is processed by your system.
Smoking and chewing tobacco create a chronic malodor in the mouth. Bad breath treatments for tobacco usage are similar to that of bad breath occurring from food. The odor must be masked using breath freshening products.
Gum disease is one of the main contributors to halitosis and is perpetuated by a chronic oral infection in your mouth. Fortunately, gum disease is easily prevented by you and completely treatable by our periodontist in Chester, NJ. Bad breath treatments, in this case, would consist of periodontal disease therapies such as deep cleanings, antibiotics, or laser gum surgery.
Prescriptions or dry mouth can be at the root of your halitosis. Talk with your doctor to learn if there are alternative medications available for you
Bad breath can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as sinusitis, acid reflux disease, or diabetes. An appointment with a medical professional may be necessary to determine the exact cause.

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