Cone Beam CT Scan and 3-D Imaging - Chester, New Jersey

3-D Imaging Improves the Replacement of Missing Teeth in Adults in Chester, NJ

Cone Beam, CT Scan and 3-D Imaging Bissell Periodontist Chester New Jersey

Clear, accurate 3-D images in 10-40 seconds

When you arrive for your dental implants consultation in Chester, NJ, you may be scanned using a technology referred to as Carestream 8200 Cone Beam. Cone Beam software produces clear, accurate 3-D images in 10-40 seconds. Dr. Thomas A. Bissell finds this technology indispensible for the replacement of missing teeth in adults. Carestream 8200 Cone Beam imaging affords us a clear and accurate view of your oral environment in 3-D. This imagery allows Dr. Bissell to know the exact placement of the alveolar nerve and determine the bone density at the dental implant site. Our dental implant team can use this technology to place your implant virtually, detecting and correcting potential problems before the dental implant surgery begins. This software eliminates most unknown factors when replacing missing teeth in adults, reducing the risks of surgery and increasing the success of your implant. Cone Beam technology produces the lowest amount of radiation possible in an effort to protect your health. The scans are performed quickly, enhancing your comfort and improving any wait times for image renderings, unlike traditional x-rays. Patients prefer Cone Beam scans for their comfort while doctors appreciate the accuracy of 3-D imagery

Additional Uses for Carestream 8200 Cone Beam

This technology has greatly improved the success rate for the replacement of missing teeth in adults. Furthermore, Cone Beam imaging has proven efficient for the detection of numerous dental concerns:

  • Root canals
  • Orthodontics
  • Extractions
  • TMD diagnosis
  • Tooth or bone fractures
  • Periodontal infection
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

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