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Patient Testimonials

“Every visit to Dr. Bissell’s office is a pleasure. Everyone is friendly and they listen to any concerns I might have. My teeth and mouth always feel awesome after my visits. Thanks, everyone! You’re great!”
-Sharon K., October 8, 2013

“The staff is always cheerful and my sensitive teeth don’t bother me because of the excellent care. I am left with very positive feedback about my home care.”
-Rebecca N., August 18, 2013

“Dr. Bissell is the kindest medical professional I have ever met. I’ve had a complicated dental situation and Dr. Bissell has been there to guide me each way. He is a wonderful communicator and takes the time to explain things to his patients. His skills are unmatched by any other dentist that I have come in contact with. He is a brilliant doctor with amazing skills, but more importantly he is a caring person with a great compassion to help his patients!”
-Catherine T., June 12, 2013

“It’s a pleasure to go there and I feel when I leave that I have receives the best and most efficient care and knowledge of how to take care of teeth and gums and I love all the girls and of course Dr Bissell you all do a great job.”
-Judie C., April 30, 2013

“My first call to Dr. Bissell’s office was on a day that I was having a dental emergency. He and his staff understood my need to be seen immediately and made time, on a moments notice, to see me. I appreciated that very much. This showed me their commitment to their patients.”
-Sharon R., April 10, 2013

“Most professional doctor or dentist visit I have ever had. Lovely office. Dr. Bissell has a wonderful bedside manner and he explains everything very clearly. I feel very confident about having him perform the necessary treatment to restore my dental health.”
-Jennifer D., March 26, 2013

“Dr. Thomas Bissell is very through in his explanation of the process and procedure for tooth implants. He explains in terms that are easy to understand, and is a kind and warm doctor to his patients.”
-Michael F., February 12, 2013

“The office staff is personable and very helpful. They address you immediately and provide excellent customer service. The team makes sure that you are comfortable always. Dr Bissell is well educated and experienced. He makes sure that as the patient you are informed of your options and walks you through the steps of the procedures he is performing. He always makes sure that you are at ease and calm and while with him he gives you his complete attention. He has great follow-up too and will call you to ensure that you are doing well after any work that he performs. He makes each patient feel important and special. I would recommend him to others for sure.”
-Deirdre A., December 16, 2013

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Dr. Thomas A. Bissell, a leading periodontist in Chester, NJ, offers a unique and specialized approach to periodontal disease. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Dr. Bissell has additional training and experience in identifying and treating periodontal disease – a skill he brings with him to each patient’s unique situation. Dr. Bissell offers a variety of advanced periodontal treatments including the LANAP Laser Treatment, dental implants, gum grafting, tooth extraction, socket preservation, osseous surgery, scaling and root planing and sedation options.