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Cosmetic Periodontal Procedure in Chester, NJ

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Bissell Periodontist Chester New Jersey

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Esthetic and functional crown lengthening are procedures that expose more of the tooth beneath your gums. In some cases, this may be necessary to increase access for a restoration but in others, it is a technique to clear away swollen gums, uncovering a naturally beautiful smile. Dr. Thomas A. Bissell performs this cosmetic dental procedure in Chester, NJ to correct gummy smiles and prepare for difficult cosmetic restorations.
Periodontal Plastic Surgery Bissell Periodontist Chester New Jersey

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

With esthetic crown lengthening, Dr. Bissell surgically removes excess gum and bone tissue, if necessary, to uncover more of the teeth. This results in a more pleasing smile for patients who have a great deal of gum tissue or swollen gums. Dr. Bissell can also perform this lengthening procedure on a single tooth or multiple teeth to promote uniformity of the gum line and improve the contour of the gum tissue to frame the teeth beautifully.

Functional Crown Lengthening

When a tooth has broken or decayed below the gum line, it may be necessary for Dr. Bissell to expose the tooth root and contour the gums and bone to provide a place for your tooth restoration. Functional crown lengthening is commonly used to ready the tooth structure for crowns or bridges when the natural tooth is not visible above the gum line.

Both procedures are performed in roughly one hour. Allow two to three days to heal and six weeks for the tissue to mature before returning to your dentist. Follow up visits are required after seven to ten days to remove stitches and again after several weeks to check your progress.

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Dr. Thomas A. Bissell, a leading periodontist in Chester, NJ, offers a unique and specialized approach to periodontal disease. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Dr. Bissell has additional training and experience in identifying and treating periodontal disease – a skill he brings with him to each patient’s unique situation. Dr. Bissell offers a variety of advanced periodontal treatments including the LANAP Laser Treatment, dental implants, gum grafting, tooth extraction, socket preservation, osseous surgery, scaling and root planing and sedation options.