3 Common Denture Problems and Their Solutions

For generations, people have relied on dentures to restore the function and appearance of their smiles. Even the first American president, George Washington, owned several sets of carefully crafted dentures over his lifetime. While dentures serve an important purpose, they have some well-known downsides. From not stopping inevitable bone loss to providing inconsistent security, traditional removable dentures present some problems. Fortunately, periodontists like Dr. Thomas A. Bissell from Bissell Periodontics and Dental Implant Center can offset the top concerns of denture wearers in Chester, NJ, with dental implants and other solutions.

Denture Problem: Falling Out

Dentures held in place by a combination of suction and adhesive creams sometimes come loose. They can slip while a person speaks, or even come out entirely during meals. Sometimes, these problems can be fixed by replacing older dentures with better fitting, higher quality appliances. However, a more permanent way to avoid worries associated with dentures falling out is by having a periodontist place dental implants in the jawbone. A custom crafted denture can be secured to the dental implants, removing the possibility of slippage.

Denture Problem: Changing Facial Appearance

Over time, denture patients sometimes complain that they feel as if their cheeks and lips seem sunken in. This phenomenon makes people look older because it reduces the full youthfulness of the face. It is caused by progressive bone loss due to a lack of natural teeth. A tooth root stimulates bone growth, and when the tooth is lost or removed, the body reabsorbs existing bone into the body. Again, dental implants in the form of implant supported dentures can help reverse or stop bone loss by replacing natural tooth roots with titanium dental implants.

Denture Problem: Feeling of Fullness in the Mouth

When you put something into your mouth, whether it is a denture or Invisalign® clear braces, you will feel like it does not belong. Denture wearers frequently say that they cannot get used to their dentures. However, this feeling of fullness or discomfort should go away within a week or so of continuous use. The key is to remain diligent about talking and eating with the dentures in place, rather than constantly removing them.

Want to learn more about the newest techniques to craft dentures that look and feel amazing? Contact Dr. Bissell’s team at Bissell Periodontics and Dental Implant Center of New Jersey at (908) 955-5999 to talk about placement of denture supporting dental implants in Chester, NJ, as well as other topics.


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