Want Dental Implants? Choose the Best Specialist.

When you are ready to buy a house, you look for a realtor with a phenomenal track record. Want a car you can trust? Buy from a dealer known for honesty and integrity. This principle of seeking out the right partner for the job extends to finding the best periodontist in Chester, NJ to place your dental implants.

Not sure how to gauge which implant specialist to choose? Look for the following indicators of a professional who will be worth an initial consultation and preliminary examination.

1. Credentials

Most high-quality dental practices maintain up-to-date websites that include news about their in-office periodontist who places dental implants. Take the time to read through all the listed credentials, including licensures, certifications, and affiliations. For instance, Dr. Thomas Bissell trained at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He also recently became a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. These credentials indicate someone who stays on top of changes in the industry and focuses on advanced education and training to improve the quality of his periodontal services.

2. Reputation

The Internet has changed the way individuals interested in dental implants can look for a specialist. Now, patient reviews abound on a number of sites. Start with the doctor’s own website and read through testimonials. Next, visit Google+, Yahoo! and other local review sites to read what others say about a particular periodontist. If you have friends, family members or colleagues with dental implants, ask them about their specialists and experiences.

3. Experience

Obviously, you do not want to be a specialist’s first dental implant patient. Seek out periodontists who have placed a significant number of dental implants. Concentrate also on finding periodontists who give back to the community and have rooted themselves firmly in your area. After all, they will be easier to reach if you have issues later that require their additional help.

4. Honesty

Sometimes, you just have to visit a periodontist in Chester, NJ to get a better understand of his core values and operating methodologies including an ability to communicate clearly. Schedule an appointment with your top periodontist choice. Ask questions, listen to what he says, and think about how he makes you feel as a patient. Look for signs of caring, such as a specialist who will help you become an implant candidate if you are not currently one. Usually, your instinct will direct you to the right specialist for your needs.

Ready to get one step closer to replacing missing teeth or a missing tooth with single or multiple dental implants? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bissell to find out if he fits your needs.


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