5 Reasons Dental Tourism is Bad for Implants

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It’s no secret that dental implants can be a pricey treatment when it comes to replacing missing teeth. While there are many reasons why dental implants cost the way they do, including quality of materials, condition of the patient’s mouth, or extent of the treatment, these costs are for good reason and ensure you get quality, long-lasting care. However, some patients choose to seek dental implant treatment elsewhere—in foreign countries. This is often called dental tourism because patients are traveling to receive their dental care, and dental implants are a common treatment sought abroad. While you may get a better “deal” on dental implants when in a foreign country, there are many disadvantages to dental tourism.

5 Risks With Dental Tourism

Unqualified Dentists – Dental education, certifications and regulations in another country can be very different from how they are here in the US. When you receive care abroad, you may be seeing a dentist who does not have the credentials or experience to give you the quality dental care you deserve. And with dental implants being an advanced surgery, this can have potentially serious complications.
Poor Material Quality – There is no way to guarantee that the materials you receive are the same quality as those used in the US. One of the biggest factors in dental implant cost, is the fact that most dentists use high-end materials that are designed to last a lifetime. However, if you are getting cheaper dental implants, that might mean the materials are cheaper too, resulting in poor function or work that will not last very long.
No Follow-Up – An important step in the dental implant process are the follow-up appointments after the implants have been placed. These ensure that your body is healing well, the materials are not being rejected, and you are happy overall. When you have to travel over borders and many miles, the chances of getting a follow up appointment with the dentist who performed the work is very slim.
Language Barrier – If you don’t speak the native language where you are receiving your dental implants, it will be very difficult to communicate with the doctor or staff. Many times information gets misconstrued, goals are not met, and essential information is not passed on. Your foreign dentist may not fully understand what your smile goals are or you may not even be able to get your questions answered properly.
Rushed Dental Work – When you travel for dental work, you are often on a tight deadline. Many times, this means that you are simply fit into an empty spot on the foreign dentist’s schedule and rushed out of the office. And if your flight is shortly after your appointment, then you won’t have a chance to come back for follow-ups or ask any questions. Implant surgery is something that should never be rushed and your dentist should give you the time you deserve.

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