Benefits of Advanced Technology in Periodontics

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Going to see the periodontist can be intimidating. After all, it could very well be because you noticed signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, or you need to replace a missing or decayed tooth. Thankfully, with the addition of many advanced technologies in periodontics like 3D imaging and laser dentistry, seeing a periodontist is now as comfortable and convenient as ever. Our experienced periodontist in Chester, NJ, Dr. Thomas Bissell, incorporates the following technology into your treatment to provide safe, effective, and predictable periodontal care.

Laser Dentistry – a minimally invasive alternative to osseous surgery that uses gentle dental lasers instead of scalpels to treat gum disease and regenerate new hard and soft tissue growth.
BMP-2 – bone morphogenetic protein, a lab-created replica of the same protein found in the body, used during periodontal treatments that use the body’s own cells to regrow bone.
CBCT Imaging – highly accurate and 3D scans of the interior of the mouth, including the teeth, bone, sinus cavities, and nerves used to maximize the precision of dental implant treatments.
Intraoral Camera – a hand-held camera used to capture digital images of the interior of the mouth in real time so patients can see exactly what the periodontist sees.
Oral DNA® Testing – a simple way we can check how susceptible you are to gum disease and bacterial decay. This lets us be proactive in our periodontal care and help you avoid disease.
Piezosurgery® – a special surgical instrument used during bone grafting and tooth extractions that uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone precisely without harming existing soft tissue.
VELscope® – a device that uses blue fluorescence technology to illuminate suspicious areas of the soft tissue of the lips, mouth, and upper throat that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Are you showing signs of gum disease and considering laser dentistry? Even if you are seeking a periodontist in Chester, NJ for more routine care, we welcome you to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bissell is highly experienced in all periodontal treatments and the technology used in our office.

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