Celebrate American Heart Month with a Dental Appointment

Every February, periodontist Dr. Thomas A. Bissell and the rest of our team, make sure to celebrate American Heart Month by talking about the connection between cardiovascular health and oral health. However, February is certainly not the only time for you to take charge of your health. If you have the warning signs of gum disease in Chester, NJ such as red, swollen gums, you owe it to yourself to visit us to reduce your risk of heart disease and other problems linked to gum disease.

How Does a Problem in the Mouth Affect the Heart?
It may seem strange to think that what happens to your teeth and gums could have an adverse effect on your heart. Nevertheless, your whole body is linked. Gum disease starts because of a bacterial infection, so the infection can make its way throughout the bloodstream. In fact, many researchers believe that the reason people with gum disease have a higher likelihood of stroke, heart attack, and related heart problems is because of this connection bacteria and inflammation have between the mouth and the body.

How Can Patients with Gum Disease Reduce Their Risks of Heart Issues?
If you have symptoms like swollen gums, bad breath that does not go away, unusually red gums, tender gums and loose teeth, call our periodontist right away. Proper diagnosis allows your dental provider to remove the bacteria that cause gum disease, leaving you more protected and your mouth much healthier. Without the chronic low-grade inflammation characteristic of untreated gum disease, you can lower your risk for aggravating systemic health issues like heart disease.

Protect Your Heart with a Dental Appointment
In addition to taking care of your cardiovascular system through diet and exercise, you should always stay on top of your dental care and address problems like gum disease as soon as possible. Call Bissell Periodontics and Dental Implant Center of New Jersey at (908) 955-5999 to set up an appointment with Dr. Bissell and show your heart a little love!


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